Boosta allows you to quickly create your shopping list, monitor the products inside your list in real time among millions of offers, and it let you knows when it’s the most convenient time to buy them. Pay less without wasting time.


My biggest ambition was to create a user-friendly and visually appealing mobile apps that makes the process of adding and tracking of products easier and more pleasant for everyone. Banner, Flyers and billboard inside the metro? No, thanks.


Boosta is the solution for two main reasons. Firstly, in these era of economic crisis, people want to spend their money cleverly. Indeed, 50% of the people affirm they have a weekly limited spending capacity. Secondly, on average one out 12 products is thrown away, due to their passing of the expiration date.


The UX of the service was carefully designed in order to enhance the experience of each category of customers according to their specific needs. It is possible to create an unlimited number of lists, monitor the offers in a simple and intuitive way, or directly set a range of price and as soon as the price of the product you desire is close to the one you are willing to pay, we buy it and ship it directly at your place!

Try it you'll love it